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All the didgeridoos for sale in our selection are original aboriginal, hence genuine, termite hollowed eucalyptus didgeridoos; harvested, crafted and decorated by local Aborigines.

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Special: Buy one didgeridoo and get two free gifts: one CD & one book, both titled: How to play the Didjeridu by Peter Kaye.

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The Naiuwa brand didgeridoos for sale in this selection are top of the id musical instruments decorated with an unequalled threefold technic of burning, painting and dotting, a technic used only by the Naiuwa family. Read about the Naiuwa harvesting method.

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There are many "Didgeridoos for Sale" signs in the Cyber space, why would you buy a didgeridoo from us? Because we honour your trust with original aboriginal didgeridoos of highest quality on lowest prices, we have the best Return/Exchange Policy, your payment/refund is secure with PayPal and we are a small boutique wishing your satisfaction.

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Need some more convincing? Look how Mack Yidhaky enjoys playing the didgeridoo. Our partner in South America is a very good didgeridoo player and teacher. Look and listen some of his videos: XTC Didgeridoo, Didgeridoo Live Act Mapuche Fest, XTC Didgeridoo 2 , his CD TIME TO DREAM, a good mix of electronic music and didgeridoo, or his good work of Didgeridoo and chill-out Drum&Bass beat.

If you want to see how much an american performer, composer and artist of Cherokee and Japanese ancestry can appreciate a Naiuwa didgeridoo visit Kiwamura and listen to his beautiful music.


I wish I knew about your internet boutique before I bought 2 Naiuwa didges at the Aboriginal Art Gallery in Sydney. Your prices are much better, but they have a lot more overhead to deal with at the Queen Victoria Building.
I'm sure I'll be back. I've started collecting them, and I find the Nauiwa didges to be the finest I've seen. Michael Park, Arizona, US

Greetings from Canada...
Back in Feb. I purchased a fantastic didgeridoo. I have been playing for over 11 years now and am completely self taught. This purchase was the first real didge purchase that I made. I do have others but they have been gifts. And, to make this purchase on-line was a great experience. This great instrument has taken my playing to the next level. The personality of this didge is one that I am incredibly happy with. The back pressure is top notch and the over tones are crisp and easy to migrate from the base drone and back. Incredibly responsive to say the least. I cannot be happier with my purchase from www.bushcrafts.com.au . You took the stress away from purchasing a didgeridoo from the other side of the world by answering all my questions. I am now saving up for another an you can be certain that it will come form you.
Peace and Respect to You and Yours Dave

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