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The Aborigines trace back the history of the didgeridoo to the Dreamtime, to the ancestors who created this realty. The first cave painting depicting a didgeridoo player dates it as a more recent addition to aboriginal heritage.
Unquestionably, though, the didgeridoo is a central piece to the ceremonial dances, called Corroborees, of the Northern Australian tribes.
Corroboree - The didgeridoo is a central piece to the ceremonial dances, called Corroborees, of the Northern Australian tribes The didgeridoo is an   original aboriginal instrument, usually accompanied by the more or less sacred bullroarers, clapsticks and emu callers.
Today, the didgeridoo is increasingly included in music groups, rock bands and adopted by recording stars, such as Tracy Chapman, or just played as a solo instrument for contemplation, or to heal the soul and heart with its haunting sounds.

Didgeridoo information To find out more about didgeridoos visit our Didgeridoo Information pages, where you can learn how to buy a didgeridoo, what are the criteria to judge didgeridoo's sound quality, how to play the didgeridoo, how to care for and repair it and more ...

BushCrafts' genuine, termite hollowed didgeridoos are harvested, crafted and decorated by Aborigines.

Naiuwa didgeridoos are a brand name in didgeridoo making The world famous ©Naiuwa didgeridoos. With more than 10 years experience in making didgeridoos Naiuwa made thousands of people happy and proud owners of these top of the range didges all over the world. Naiuwa didgeridoos are sold on quite a few websites, but only we are in the proximity to choose in person and offer a superb selection for the best prices.

Original aboriginal paintings The original aboriginal canvas paintings of Kinjaii reflexes the figurative style of the Cape York cave paintings. Agnes Nampijinpa Fry uses the symbolic language of the desert Aborigines expertly in her impressive dot painting. Garmarroongoo brings in the deep traditions of East Arnhem Land. Chris Kauage takes us further up North to Papua New Guinea.